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Yu Chai YC diesel engine series sample ignited successfully


YC 4100 4102 4105 diesel series ignited successfully on October 27, which took Yu Chai power 2 years in researching.

The exhaust reaches Euro III standard. Max power 102 KW, Max torque 390 N/M. It is of strict design and lower oiling burning. It has advantages in acceleration lower noises.

The success of the new engines renewed the structure of Yu Chai Power and helped it to occupy new diesel engine market.

The basic parameter of the new engines

Type YCD4C32-126
Combustion chamber 4
Vent (L) 3.77
Rated Power/Speed (kw/rpm) 93/2800
Max torque (N/rpm) 355/1800

Type YCD4F32-129
Combustion chamber 4
Vent (L) 3.922
Rated Power/Speed (kw/rpm) 95/2800
Max torque (N/rpm) 370/1800

Type YCD4D32-139
Combustion chamber 4
Vent (L) 4.156
Rated Power/Speed (kw/rpm) 102/2800
Max torque (N/rpm) 390/1800

Type YCD4D32-129
Combustion chamber 4
Vent (L) 4.156
Rated Power/Speed (kw/rpm) 95/2600
Max torque (N/rpm) 405/1700


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