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FAW: New Chassis Plant in Beijing


TRW Fawer Automobile Safety Systems (TFASS), a joint venture between FAW Group subsidiary Fawer Automotive Parts Co. Ltd. and TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., has announced the establishment of a new plant in Beijing to produce chassis modules for customer Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive Ltd. (BBDC).

The new state-of-the-art 4,500 square meter facility plans to employ up to 100 workers in the next five years to fulfill its annual capacity of module units at full production. Initially, the plant is committed to supplying rear axles, brake assemblies, front struts and steering knuckle assemblies for the Chrysler 300C and another upcoming sedan platform -- both with newly localized production in China.

Fawer Automotive Parts Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of FAW Group. It includes 9 FAW Group automotive component and systems plants and 8 joint venture facilities with foreign companies.


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