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Shanghai Engine: Hand in Hand for A Better Future


The conference was held on December 16, 2006 with subject of Hand in Hand for A Better Future. More than 240 representatives from over 140 suppliers, members of Shanghai Diesel Engine Company ( thereafter for SDEC) management team, from engineering institute, quality assurance, purchasing and production operation departments of SDEC attended the conference.

The annual conference severed a channel to enhance communication, a way to strengthen friendship and a platform to seek common development between SDEC and its suppliers. SDEC hopes to jointly forging with its suppliers a competitive supplier chain to attain the win-win objective by carrying out integration of supplier chain resources, synergy in all round and enhancement of strategic cooperation with the core of value creation in the process of strengthening the construction of SDEC¡¯s supplier chain.

Talking about the supplier chain construction, the general manager of SDEC Mr. Chen Ganjin expressed his hope as a new comer of SDEC to all friends from suppliers to continue to support SDEC as ever and to join SDEC business hand in hand in order to build a better future together, bringing SDEC business to a higher level. A concept of One Core, Four Combinations and Six Focuses was put forward at the conference. The Core is to integrate and effectively utilize resources to improve cooperation efficiency of the supplier chain; Four Combinations are combination of R&D (design and test), combination of quality improvement, combination of cost control and combination of service--parts distribution system; Six Focuses are focus on strategic cooperation, focus on joint creation, focus on optimization of networks, focus on improvement of quality, focus on integration of parts channels, and focus on informatization. SDEC hops to have a sincere cooperation hand in hand with its suppliers to build a competitive supplier chain and create a brighter common future. The conference is sure to lay a solid foundation for win-win objective, as well as a new start for joint efforts and common development.


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