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Fast Group Output & Sales Breaks Through 30,000 units in Jan


The beginning of 2007 has witnessed good news in Fast Group. The production & operation appears a busy and promising start. Fast's output & sales of HD transmissions of January exceeds 30,000 units, 200% up from the same period of the previous year; each operation index creates a new history high, keeping the rapid-growth momentum and laying good foundation for the realization of the general targets of 2007.

In 2006, the total industrial output value (current price) and the sales income (tax excluded) of the group both exceeded 3 billion RMB, 60% up from the previous year; the output & sales of HD transmissions broke through 240,000 units, 87% up from the previous year; foreign exchange through export surpassed 50 million USD, 11% up from the previous year. Based on that, the group sets the targets for 2007 as follows: it will go all out to fulfill the industrial output value & sales income of 4 billion RMB and the output of HD transmissions of 280,000 units.

That target is expected to realize another leap-over development of the group. In order to adapt itself to the new changes of the market, Fast Group sets "harmony & thanksgiving" as the theme, regards transferring marketing concept, optimizing marketing system and perfecting marketing & service as the breakthrough points, and starts with the three aspects of "high added-value, high reliability and convenient service"; continues to enhance the strength of independent innovation and self-research and development, widely adopts new technology, new processing and new materials, and makes persistent efforts to promote product quality & performance, improve the fuel-efficiency and reduce cost; it will seize time to finish the R&D and batch production work for serial new products, fully promote the corporate operation and competing strength, actively cultivate new economic growth points and continue to speed up the pace of technical modifications; it is supposed to raise quality & efficiency, enhance management level, and fully build our excellent brand image and good market image; it will continue to accelerate the broadening of global market, focus on the research & development of products with high technology and high added value and realize the mutually complementary development of domestic and international market advantages; it strives to strengthen the construction of marketing and service system, fully meets the market demands and drives the enterprise to a new stage in self-innovation, S&T research & development, production & manufacture, scientific management and the employees' qualification


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