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Dongfeng Tianlong a new leader of heavy duty trucks


The newest model of Dongfeng Tianlong truck is a new milestone for Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company. The firm developed the model independently this year, combining advanced international technology and local expertise.

In China, more commercial vehicle manufacturers like Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company are now stepping up efforts to develop their own models independently and launch them in overseas markets.

Dongfeng Tianlong has made repeated tests to guarantee product quality and received a positive response from the market.

Guided by a market-oriented strategy, Dongfeng Tianlong is completing its models.

Five months after its launch, Dongfeng Tianlong won eight prizes at the First China International Truck Fuel-Saving Competition, beating all heavy-duty truck manufacturers that participated in the contest.

Zhejiang Juhua Group, a major client of Dongfeng, commented that Dongfeng Tianlong is the best substitute for imported trucks due to its low oil consumption, high quality, competitive performance and perfect after sales service.

This year, more than 3,000 Dongfeng Tianlong heavy-duty trucks were exported to overseas markets.

In order to meet the requirements of the Iranian market, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company improved its quality control, after sales services and international authentication to meet both Chinese and international standards.

One of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co"s partners, SAIPA, the largest company manufacturing trucks with a perfect after sales service network in Iran, began to import Dongfeng vehicles this year and will maintain a good strategic partnership with the Chinese firm.

On September 24, 2007, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company subsidiary Dongfeng Xinjiang Automobile Co Ltd celebrated its 1,000th cross-desert truck rolling off the production line as well as its export of 1,000 heavy-duty vehicles.

Dongfeng Xinjiang also announced the beginning of operations at its new D310 production line - a new technology renovation project - after meeting its 2007 production target one quarter ahead of schedule.

After the launch of Tianlong and Dalishen, both new models, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company witnessed a rapid growth in exports compared with the same period last year. With the production and sales volumes both breaking the 20,000 mark in 2007, Tianlong heavy-duty truck is becoming China's fastest-growing brand in its category.

Tong Dongcheng, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, noted that against an internationalized backdrop, technology is no longer the main hurdle for Chinese vehicle producers.

If they are able to solve problems related to management, quality control and efficiency, they will enjoy greater success in the overseas market, he said.

Having established its overseas market department last year, Dongfeng is paying close attention to the overseas market in a bid to adjust its international marketing strategy.

Apart from Iran and Russia, which are its major overseas markets, Dongfeng is planning to develop six other foreign markets and improve its overall overseas market management system.

It is thus concentrating on brand strategy, and will place emphasis on the improvement of after sales service and maintenance of commercial vehicles.


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