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China truck export hit security problem, Safe braking technology should be improved

Date:2009-06-23 Source:Chinatruck

Recently, an abroad newspaper published that there're 118 people were killed in 2007 Iran's road accidents, 255 people died in Iran's highway accidents in 2008. However, the main cause of these unfortunates is a certain brand heavy-duty trucks imported from China. After the comprehensive and in-depth investigation taken by relevant departments, automotive experts concluded that: the safety of truck braking systems and lost brakes caused by overloading directly led to the occurrence of these disasters.

The safety of trucks is not motioned in the first time in China. Compared with developed countries, the total motor vehicles account for less than 2% of the world, China has accounted for deaths of 8%. Once this news was published, the problem of truck safety immediately aroused a big concern in domestic truck industry.

According to statistics 2007, China's auto export area is more than 179 countries, almost all over the world. However, the truck export markets are mainly distributed in North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Albania, Canada, Namibia, Sudan, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Zimbabwe and other economically underdeveloped Countries and regions. Because the economic underdeveloped  regions has relatively weak purchasing power, most consumers require low price vehicle, which resulting in a large number of  low-tech, cheap truck into the export market.

If things continue in this way it may damage the benefits of whole China's automobile industry. Development Institute of Automotive Engineering, Qinghua University Vice President Song Jian, analyzed the key issue of truck accident is lost break. One reason for brake failure is the quality of security systems, and the other one is due to the overloading of goods increase the probability of the brake failure situation.

There are many braking technology in the market, but China needs a more appropriate technology just like "WEVB"

What is "WEVB?"

"WEVB" is short for Weichai Power exhaust valve brake technology. The full name of "EVB" is the Exhaust Valve Brake. "W" is on behalf of "Weichai". Because of this technology is brought in and improved by Weichai power based on "EVB" technology, which is used in Weichai products. WEVB system has access to a national patent protection.

Shaanxi auto's choice

In order to know how to make a right decision on safety braking technology choosing, the reporter interviewed the Shaanxi Auto Engineer Wei Hongling. She introduced that WEVB braking system is a assistance brake system, which based on traditional butterfly exhaust auxiliary braking device help further enhance the efficiency of the engine braking.

At present, China's commercial vehicle production is also adopted the traditional exhaust auxiliary braking device, but its effects are far less than WEVB system because of the different working principle. Therefore, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck uses the most advanced "WEVB" braking system, which makes their products play a perfect performance in the export market.

Moreover, Shaanxi Auto takes use of advanced braking system to protect the drivers' safety and adapted to the environment of the exporting countries. In addition, Shaanxi Auto chosen  improved ABS auxiliary braking system to increase the stability of vehicle braking, shorten the braking distance, improve the situation of the tire wear, and make more user-friendly and reliable.

Shaanxi auto give us a good example to solve the security problem. And we hoped that the Iran's security incident can give Chinese truck export enterprises a sounded alarm.

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