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Dongfeng to raise logistics allocation speed of parts and components

Date:2010-09-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Sep 7, 2010) Dongfeng Shares is developing so fast, at the same time; it also aims at the development of third party logistics company development. Dongfeng Shares has sold 30 storage vehicles at 50% of the market price to factory logistics vehicles. It is not only helping improve the service level of parts and components logistics, but it is the symbol of Dongfeng Shares conducting supply chain management reform. 

From accessory storage, transporting warehouse to third party logistics, it is the improvement process of Dongfeng Shares supply chain management idea transfer. The parts and components logistics distribution vehicle is updated because it is the reform for the unification of production management, manufacture, and sales to update the third party logistics allocation. It is the big challenge for Dongfeng Shares Company to frame logistics management system, and improve factory logistics service.

It has provided strong support for company’s sustainable high production yield. And it has also improved logistics collaboration and efficiency.


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