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Weichai power pays attention to 12L engine

Date:2010-11-01 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Nov 1, 2010) The sales revenue of Weichai power in first three quarters are 4,691,500,000 Euros, and it has increased 84% by same time. The net profits of the parent company are 480 million Euros, and it has increased 101.5% by same time. EPS of first three quarters are 57,600,000 Euros.

The reason for the fast growing of Weichai sales revenue is the fast growing market of heavy truck and engineering machinery vehicles. The adjustment degree of heavy engine of Weichai power in 2010 has reached 63%. Shaanxi heavy duty auto controlled by Weichai is performing great from Jan to Sep, and it has accumulated increased 72.8%. It has directly pulled the performance of Weichai, and the performance of engineering machinery is also great.      

Weichai is the key enterprise of heavy duty diesel engine industry. It has seized the fast growing opportunity of heavy truck industry. It is predicted that Weichai will promote WP12 new product in 2010, and it will integrate heavy truck industry chain to improve the competition of Weichai power. There are correction forecast in GB1589-2004, GB7258-200 in heavy truck industry in 2011. It is helpful to increase the updated requirements of the industry in 2011. The emission regulation is predicted to be enforced in 2012 or 2013, which will partially adjust and control the disadvantageous effect of the industry.


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