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Caterpillar to shift complicated components base to China

Date:2010-12-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Dec 2, 2010) It is reported by British Finance Times that the largest digging equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, plans to shift the complicated components in China plants from Japan to China.

Rich Lavin, the market manager of new growing market, quotes that “Caterpillar is to reduce Japanese capacities in Japan and increase the capacities in China as China has displaying more capacities of complicated components manufacturer”. Around 40% components in China digging plants of Caterpillar are imported from Japan, and it plans to shorten 1/4 in five years.

Caterpillar’s plan is considered to be heavy strike to Japan industry base. At the same time, it is the symbol for China manufacturer industry grows mature and mature.


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