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Chenglong Motor performs great in 2010

Date:2011-01-17 Author:Dongfan Zhang Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Jan 17, 2011)Each individual index of Chenglong Motor has created new high in the history in 2010.

Sales volumes of commercial vehicle of Chenglong Motor are 50,000 in accordance with “180 plan” established by Chenglong Motor in 2010. The actual sales volumes of commercial vehicle of Chenglong Motor are 55,000 by the end of Dec of 2010 under the correct strategy leadership and after the great efforts made by the company staff. 

Chenglong Motor
Chenglong Motor 4x2 Van

It is said that Chenglong Motor has performed great in 2010. Production and sales volumes of commercial vehicles have created a new high in the history, and Chenglong Motor has stepped into a new stage. It has laid a solid foundation for “twelve five” plan of Chenglong Motor. Chenglong Motor are quite confident for “twelve five” planning realization and are heading for a whole new height.

At the moment, the capacities expanded program of 65,000 commercial vehicles has been accomplished. The new commercial vehicle base with 100,000 capacities has been accomplished, which has laid the foundation of commercial vehicle with 130,000 and 150,000 of Chenglong Motor in 2015.

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