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Production& sales volumes of Shandong commercial vehicles in 2010 surpasses 1070,000

Date:2011-01-17 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Jan 17, 2011) It is disclosed by latest data provided by Shandong province auto industry society that production volumes of Shandong autos in 2010 are 1,796,393, and it has increased 30.31% by same time. Sales volumes are 1,795,043, and it has increased 30.24% by same time. Production and sales volumes will take 1/10 of the national volumes.

It is introduced that these vehicles are all produced within Shandong province. Production and sales volumes of Shandong commercial vehicles in 2010 have surpassed 1,070,000, at the same time; the overall benefits have been greatly improved as well.

During “twelve five” period, Shandong auto industry will shift from scale pursuit to quality effect. Shandong Auto market will slowly decreased and it still will keep 10% to 15% increase rate.



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