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The annual production and sales volumes of light truck in 2010have approached 2 million

Date:2011-01-30 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Jan 30, 2011) Production volumes of light truck at the nation in 2010 are 1970,000 and the sales volumes are 1960,000. They have been respectively increased 122.07% and 26.13%. The production volumes of completely vehicles are 1840,000 and sales volumes are 1830,000, which have increased 21.65% and 25.81% by same time. Production volumes of light truck chassis are 128,300 and sales volumes are 128,600. They have increased 28.42% and 30.92% by same time.

The top three light truck enterprises are Foton, Dongfeng and JAC. Sales volumes are respectively 447,400, 231,500 and 177,000. The fourth to sixth enterprises are JMC with sales volumes of 123,900, and Great Wall with sales volumes of 103,200, and Kama with 94,600.


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