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Bridgestone provides deep dive into its operations

Date:2012-08-16 Author:Eric Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: In the words of its own president, Kurt Danielson, Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (BCS) has a tendency to focus on “doing” and not spending enough time talking about its accomplishments.

The company took an important step towards spreading its message today by inviting business press editors to a Media Boot Camp here to get the inside story on all the new tire technologies and training BCS says will make a real difference for its dealers and customers.

BCS is shooting for some agressive goals over the next few years, including improving the rolling efficiency of its tires by 25% and reducing the CO2 content per sale by 35% by the year 2025. Danielson and vice-president of marketing Scott Damon emphasized that the company is relying on providing total tire solutions and paying close attention to the unique needs of customers rather than producing products and expecting the market to adopt them.

“During the recession, everybody took a closer look at their business and started running it tighter. We have seen a shift in our customer base where they are saying help us manage our tire programs better, help us find solutions to reduce downtime,” Danielson said. “Buying a ‘good tire’ is no longer good enough.”


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