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Genlyon Receives Good Review in Drop and Pull Transportation Test

Date:2012-11-05 Author:Daniel Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com. Genlyon has received good review in the drop and pull transportation test held on September 21 in Anhui province.

The test means to drive the tractor, which is connected to a trailer, to a certain destination; then, the trailer shall be replaced by a new trailer for driving to another destination. During the whole process, the performance, parameters and indexes shall be tested to see if they meet the national standard. Due to economic and transport efficiency, the drop and pull transportation has been widely promoted, which has inspired the sales of commercial road vehicle of the company.

In the test, loading and unloading capability, breaking performance, energy consumption and track running of trucks from heavy truck manufacturers were tested; meanwhile, all the standards for drop and pull transportation trucks and statistical reference for trailers were specified. Drop and pull transportation test for loading trailer was carried at the beginning of the test, after all the performances met the standard by measuring the size and confirming the performance, the test drive was conducted by special driver. Through strict examination and test in each single item, the performances of Genlyon met all the requirements, which has won praises from the test drives. During the 5 days’ test, Genlyon stood out among all the brands and received good reviews.


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