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Changan Shenqi Hits Small Truck Market

Date:2012-11-12 Author:Daniel Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com. With more diverse demands from the customers, small trucks are gradually hitting the market. Properly defined between micro truck and light truck, small truck is the solution to insufficient carrying capacity of micro truck and inconvenience for light truck of commuting in urban areas.

The light truck and medium truck market have been on the consecutive growth in the last several years and this presents a huge opportunity for small trucks to grow. With a 44% growth for 5 consecutive years, sales of small truck reached 241,000 in 2010.

Changan Shenqi Small Truck

Within the emerging market, few brands have entered and kept their foot in the market. In the past two years, some strong manufacturers launched their small truck products in succession. With Changan Shenqi as the leading product, high-end logistical small truck has come into being. Insiders believed that the market monopoly would be broken. Flat top small truck, which accounts for 75% of the market share will be replaced and upgraded to convex top small truck due to the barely satisfactory safety guarantee and comforts.

Small truck has become a strategic market for light vehicle manufacturers and will share a 2%-5% market with micro truck and light truck. With advanced resources and technologies from Changan group, Changan Shenqi is expected to be a dark horse in small truck market.


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