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Pickup New Trend: Sales of Great Wall Wingle Exceeds 10,000 in October

Date:2012-11-19 Author:Daniel Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com. Though the “Silver October” was dragged by the overall context, star product would never be absent. In the subdivision market of vehicles, the commercial vehicle market is largely dependent on the rigid need of customers, but the pickups stood out in the plain market due to overall performance.

For Great Wall Wingle pickup, 11,191 units were sold in Oct.2012, remaining the performance of sales over 10,000 per month and kept staying at the top in sales in the pickup market. 

                                                            Great Wall Wingle Pickup

Besides the originally equipped Bosch high pressure common rail electrical injection technology to improve fuel efficiency and lower operation cost, Wingle was the first model to employ Bosch ABS+EBD 8.0 version, meanwhile, back off radar and simulation leather chair were also installed on the vehicle, which will raise the standard of safety and comfort to a new level.

The Bosch ABS+EBD 8.0 version will reduce the circulation time to 5 milliseconds and reach the braking adjustments as many as 200 times, more prompt reaction and more precise signal will be achieved while the noise of the footstep will be lowered. The stability and lifespan will be further improved.

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