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High End Light Duty Truck of Nanjing IVECO in Off-road Rally

Date:2013-04-28 Author:dennis Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com Unlike the normal off-road rallies, in which SUVs are the participants, the “2013 Dongchuan Mudslide International Off-road Rally” also sees light duty truck taking part. The truck that competes in the rally is the high end light duty truck made by Nanjing IVECO.

The Dongchuan Rally is known as the most difficult rally among off-roaders, for it is a combination of river shoals, wetlands, drift sand, gobi desert and etc. The rally track is one of the most unique one, which not only provides a platform for off-roaders to experience and showcase the driving skill, but also serves as a testing ground of the comprehensive quality of vehicles.

Named “Chaoyue(Beyond)”, the light duty truck of Nanjing IVECO truly lived up to its name, who has made several breakthroughs since it was developed. The truck was co-developed by technicians from both SAIC and IVECO, costing 4 years, it is a fruit of advanced technologies. “Chaoyue” attracted attention from the whole industry once it rolled off the line. It was chosen as the “Light duty truck of the year, 2013” for its dynamics, safety, low-oil-consumption, low-noise, designing, manufacturing crafts and more. It is also the first choice of Suning, Hubei Chengli, who purchased the trucks and make modifications, then use them for exportations to more than 40 countries.

As its learned, Nanjing IVECO has already taken part in many rallies like this one, because, on one hand, racers could get more practice in rallies, on the other hand, the truck could be tested in all aspects. In the Taklimakan rally of 2012, Nanjing IVECO won two championships. The racers in this rally are both very experienced.

We sincerely hope the Dongchuan Rally could be a huge success and wish the two top racers from Nanjing IVECO could achieve good results.


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