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Volvo Trucks Has Renewed Its Entire European Truck Range in Eight Months

Date:2013-05-17 Author:Liu Na Source:www.chinatruck.com

www.chinatruck.com: Since September 2012, Volvo Trucks has launched five new truck models. It all began last year with the spectacular launch of the new Volvo FH, followed this year by the introduction of the new Volvo FM, Volvo FMX, Volvo FE and Volvo FL. All the new models include innovations and features that make the driver’s job easier and more efficient.


Volvo Trucks Has Renewed its Entire European Truck Range in Eight Months

“This has been one of the most intensive and exciting periods in our history. With the most modern and high-tech Volvo line-up ever, we now have an outstanding ability to help customers in all segments to improve their productivity and profitability,” says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.

The visual Volvo family ties are now stronger than ever between the most powerful truck, the Volvo FH16, and its smaller siblings. Volvo’s classic iron mark has been moved up to a new position below the windscreen on all models. The new headlamps with their distinctive daytime running lights also emphasise the uniform look.

Improved working environment for drivers

All the new Volvo trucks offer a wide range of benefits for the drivers. All cab environments have been renewed or upgraded with the focus on creating an effective, ergonomic, comfortable and safe workplace.

“The working conditions of the truck driver are always in firm focus when we develop new trucks. The groundbreaking Volvo Dynamic Steering is an excellent example of how we make driving more effortless, and the Individual Front Suspension, a world-first on heavy trucks, improves both comfort and stability,” says Claes Nilsson.

Reducing transportation costs

Volvo Trucks has also introduced new innovative technologies and new services designed to reduce the customer’s transport costs. For example, the possibility of using telematics to monitor a number of components means that the Volvo FH, Volvo FM, Volvo FE and Volvo FL are now available with improved Gold Service Contracts for maximum uptime.

Among the fuel-saving features and services available to Volvo drivers are Dynafleet Fuel & Environment, the Fuel Advice service and the Efficient Driving training course. In addition, the highly appreciated automated I-Shift transmission, which can be customised for a number of specific applications and helps reduce fuel consumption, is now available not only for Volvo FH, Volvo FM, Volvo FMX, but also for Volvo FE.

One of the foremost new features for fuel saving is I-See, which can be compared to an autopilot that takes care of gear selection, acceleration and engine braking on hills in the most fuel-efficient way possible. The first time a truck equipped with the latest version of I-See drives on a hilly stretch of road, information about the local topography is transmitted wirelessly to the Volvo Trucks server. When another truck with I-See drives on the same road, the system automatically receives topography information from the server and makes sure gear-changes, acceleration and braking take place fuel-efficiently the very first time it traverses this road. The fuel saving for the long-haul assignment may be as much as five percent.

“All our trucks share the same virtues of giving the driver excellent driving properties at the same time as the transporter benefits from maximum uptime and minimum fuel costs,” concludes Claes Nilsson.

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