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Beijing Sets New Regulations for Heavy Duty Trucks

Date:2013-05-28 Author:dennis Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com : In the first three months of the year, Beijing was constantly harassed by maze. The air quality was extremely low, causing danger to citizens.

In order to curb the situation, the authority launched new regulations, aiming to upgrade buses and other vehicles.

At the press conference, the authority claims that diesel vehicles are the main vehicles to be regulated. Both the regulations will be in place within this year, thus, vehicle makers need to come up with new products as soon as possible.

As shown by investigation reports, heavy duty trucks of China IV and China V standards emit a large amount of toxic gases. Beijing carries out the new regulations in order to better curb the pollution problem.

The authority said after the regulations are in place, those vehicles that do not meet the new standards will not be granted plates. And the diesel vehicles now running in Beijing will receive modifications.

As the reporter learned, the authority has met with major bus operating companies in the city, and asked the companies to carry out the vehicle modification soon. As a support, the municipal government will invest more than ¥20 million for the project.

The modification will be for vehicles of China IV and China V trucks, whilest, the China III and the China VI do not need, said the authority.

But, how to help vehicles of China III, II and I to reduce emission, as introduced by the authority, other modification methods will be used. Also, heavy punishment will be placed upon those violate the regulations.


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