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First Heavy Duty Truck of BAIC Releases in August

Date:2013-06-08 Author:dennis Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com : Lately, lots of news is spreading on the internet about the new plant of BAIC Huanghua. As it’s rumored, the first heavy duty truck will roll off line in August, thus, marking BAIC officially entering the market. What will the truck be like? Below are pictures found on the Internet.

This is a general picture of the truck, no more details are available for now. But, we feel this truck is similar to some other trucks, especially the driving cabin is similar to that of Shacman M3000.


Besides, the lines near he windows are very similar. Because M3000 used the window made by a factory in Hubei, we suspect that the BAIC truck also uses window made by the same factory.


They made some modification in front face and bumper. The headlamp is like that of a Renault truck.


All the descriptions above are just suspicions, the real details of the BAIC truck is still not available. But we suppose the truck is not aiming too high end market.


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