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Volvo and Renault to Equip Nissan Diesel Engines

Date:2013-06-28 Author:dennis Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com : Before EURO VI trucks were introduced, Volvo and Renault trucks equipped engines of DEUTZ, since Volvo is a major stake holder of DEUTZ. But after the EURO VI trucks were launched, Volvo and Renault turned to Nissan diesel engines.

Since acquiring Nissan diesel in 2007, Volvo has turned this Japanese company to be its wholly owned subsidiary. And Volvo and Nissan diesel do not share much in common as to products range. The EURO VI became a great chance for Nissan diesel to provide engines for Volvo and Renault.

The new engines of Nissan diesel will be equipped on FL and FE trucks of Volvo, D series trucks of Renault as well as city buses and tourist buses of Volvo.

The D series truck of Renault is a medium duty truck that will be mainly used for intra-city transportation. it is the smallest truck that Renault produces.


It is very common for different vehicles made by one company to use the same engine. This way, the R&D expenses could be greatly reduced.


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