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Allison Transmission Fifth Generation System Make Vehicles Safer

Date:2013-07-31 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: From July 23-26, 2013, “Allison Transmission Customer Communication Tour” is officially commenced in Hailar, Inner Mongolia. Michael Headly, Marketing, Sales and After-sales VP of Allison International, Zhou Laisong, General Manager of Allison China, other leaders of Allison and users attend the event.

Allison VP Michael Headly
Michael Headly, Marketing, Sales and After-sales VP

In a nice weather with blue sky and white clouds, at the green grassland, Allison introduces its automatic transmission with built-in fifth generation electric controls and allows users to experience the comfort brought by Allison transmission.

Allison’s 5th Generation electronic controls have been designed to match the new generation of global vehicle electrical-electronic architectures and for easy integration during the vehicle assembly process. These innovative electronic controls are flexible, providing optimal shift strategies for industry-leading productivity and efficiency, while still addressing varying OEM and operator requirements. 5th Generation controls are being integrated into all Allison transmissions, including the recently unveiled H 3000 and TC10 products.  Containing enhanced End-of-Line programming, higher speed CAN bus compatibility (up to 500 Kbps) and a brand new bump lever selector design, Allison engineers also focused on upgrading TCM hardware and software for faster, more precise processing capabilities. Embedded in the 5th Generation control module is a new inclinometer, which enhances vehicle productivity and efficiency in stop-start operations. The inclinometer’s precision and responsiveness improve Load Based Shift Scheduling (LBSS) performance as the automatic selection between economy and performance shift schedules is faster and more accurate, resulting in further reductions in fuel consumption. This new generation of electronic controls provides two additional acceleration levels, enhancing Vehicle Acceleration Control (VAC) to allow for an even greater ability to improve fuel economy by controlling engine fueling and moderating aggressive driving practices.

Through this event, Allison transmission embedded with fifth generation electric controls demonstrates its fuel saving feature and wins wide acknowledgement from drivers and professionals. 

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