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HD Truck Up by 45% in September

Date:2013-10-11 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The sales volume of all trucks (including tractors, engineering and cargo trucks) is 62000 units, up by 44.8% over last year (42,800 units), rising by 20.3% over last month (51,600 units). What’s more exciting is the accumulative sales from Jan. to Sep. also see large increase. The accumulative growth rate rises to 14.9% (Jan.-Sep.) from 12% (Jan. – Aug.).

To be specific, in September, top three enterprises Dongfeng, FAW and SINOTRUK sell heavy trucks 12200 units, 13700 units and 9000 units, up by 40%, 86.2% and 30.3% respectively year on year. Foton and SHACMAN sell 10000 units and 7000 units with respective year-on-year growth rates of 44% and 46%. JAC, HONGYAN, CAMC and Beiben sell 2500 units, 1701 units, 1628 units and 1317 units, with respective growth rate of 11.5%, 47.4%, 55.5% and 9.3%.

The rapid growth in Sep and the third quarter is attributed to the slow recovery of macro economy and rebounding of fixed asset investment as well as China 4 emission standard. As there is no definite time of when to implementing China 4, more and more local governments begin to announce the implementation of China 4 for HD trucks. Hence, many users decide to purchase HD trucks before the implementation date.

The above factors drive the sales of HD trucks in Sep. in a direct or indirect way.

sales and production data

From Jan. to Sep., a total of 565,100 units of HD trucks are sold, up by 14.9% year on year. Dongfeng remains to hold the leading position thanks to 116,200 units and 11.7% growth rate over last year. FAW follows Dongfeng due to 96,700 units and 19.7% growth rate over last year; SINOTRUK sells 90,000 units and rises by 5.1% over last year; Foton and SHACMAN sell 83,900 units and 73,400 units with respective year on year growth rates of 28.5% and 12.9%. JAC remains to rank No.6 with a total of sales reaching 24,600 units and a growth rate of 23.8%; HONGYAN and CAMC enjoy the highest year on year growth rates—59.8% and 55.1% with HONGYAN selling 19,700 units and CAMC selling 18,100 units; Bebein is the only enterprises seeing a decline in accumulative sales (14,600 units in total and down by 25% year on year).

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