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Volvo Drivers’ Fuel Challenge Asia-Pacific Final Comes to an End in Australia

Date:2013-11-01 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: From October 22 to 23, Volvo Drivers’ Fuel Challenge Asia-Pacific Final successfully ends in Brisbane, Australia. Grant Morice from Australia wins the first in road competition while Youngki Park from South Korea wins the first in off-road competition.

Thirteen winners from local competitions in South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand compete to win the final champion at Mount Cotton driver training center, 30 minutes drive from Brisbane.

Drivers’ Fuel Challenge Asia-Pacific Final

Before the final starts, Volvo provides a short training to all competitors with an aim to enhance the previous experience learned from prior training.

Head of the training program Ian Sinclair says: “What we could bring to customers far more than the truck itself despite it is our core competitiveness. The best trucks deserve best drivers. With this concept, we have invested a lot in training drivers how to make maximum use of trucks and achieve maximum efficiency in a safe condition. This is the value we bring to customers.”

In face of the fierce competition, Grant Morice from Australia wins the first thanks to his excellent psychological quality. He drives brand new 40t FH16 6x3 tractors to realize minimum fuel consumption in 5.8 miles of road. In the closed track race, South Korean Youngki Park drives Volv FMX 8x4 dumpers and wins the championship.

Drivers’ Fuel Challenge Asia-Pacific Final

“It’s amazing. I like here. I want to say thank Volvo to hold the competition. Fuel efficiency is beneficial to everyone, not only competitors, but also their companies. It helps reduces costs and put the environmental protection into practice,” says the winner Grant Morice.

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