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SHACMAN: Sale of Natural Gas Heavy Trucks Surpasses 10,000 Units

Date:2013-12-19 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: It is learnt from Shacman’s annual business conference that Shacman maintains a good growth momentum in sales of natural gas heavy trucks despite of an increasing price of natural gas in the second half year. It is estimated the sales volume of the whole year will outnumber 11,000 units, the first heavy truck manufacturer selling more than 10,000 units. For the sales target in the coming 2014, SHACMAN sets it to be 16,000 units.

Annual business conference 2014

“In 2013, SHACMAN’s natural gas products are mainly tractors which taking up about 88.5%. The sale volume of dumpers outnumbers 1,200 units, accounting for 10.43%. seen from the specific segment, 6x4 tractor, 6x2 tractor and 8x2 dumper all see dramatic increase in sales, making the structure of natural gas products more rational. M3000 yields good promotion results by selling over 5,500 units, improving SHACMAN’s competitiveness and market share,” said by Shi Bing, Director of SHACMAN Big Account and team leader of natural gas vehicles.

From January to November, the sales volume of NG heavy truck in the whole industry is 24515 units, and SHACMAN takes up 40.24%, leading the second contender by 3262 units and the third contender 6189 units. SHACMAN NG products have absolute advantages.

SHACMAN LNG heavy truck

In 2013, the sales of “NG heavy truck are mainly in North China, East China, Central China and Northwest China, accounting for 92.76% of the total. With the acceleration of gas filling stations, the sales region will be enlarged in 2014.

On the other hand, main LNG heavy trucks in China are mainly 6x2 and 6x4 tractors which are also leading and competitive products of SHACMAN plus 8x4 dumpers, and the three products all take up a market share over 40%. In 2014, SHACMAN will have much space to grow in terms of such LNG products as 6x2 tractors, 6x4 dumpers and special vehicles.

SHACMAN CNG heavy truck

“Taking all relevant factors into consideration, the demand for NG heavy truck in China in 2014 will hit 40000 units. Southwest, Northeast and South China regions will see fast growth. Hence, in the coming 2014, SHACMAN will spare no efforts in fulfilling the objective of 16000 units and maintaining its leader position in NG heavy truck segment by seizing political opportunities, creating advantages, deepening cooperation on energy, making breakthroughs in segmented markets, integrating industrial resources and enhancing channel support,” Shi Bing adds.


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