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Aeolus Tire Awarded 2013 Annual Leader of Energy Efficiency

Date:2014-07-15 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: "2013 Annual Leader of Energy Efficiency on Oil and Chemical Industry" hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation was held in Beijing recently, and Aeolus Tire was awarded 2013 Annual Leader of Energy Efficiency as their all steel radial tires and engineering tires lead on energy efficiency in China.

As the world biggest energy consumption and auto sales nation, China auto makers and societies of all circles are paying attention on energy saving and emission reduction. And Aeolus Tire is trying to use the harmless substitute instead of all the hazardous substance such as accelerant, vulcanizing agent and antiager during the production process. And all their products meet REACH standards, leading on the products which are exported to EU.

Aeolus Tire can produce all steel heavy-duty radial tires, all steel engineering radial tires and saloon car green tires. Not only they are the first tire company which can produce 100% green tires but also they are the only tire company which carries out environmental protection standards in tire industry in China.


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