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Nanjing Iveco New Chaoyue LTD Trucks to Launch in July 17

Date:2014-07-15 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: It is learned from Nanjing Iveco that they will launch their new Chaoyue LTD trucks, C300 and C500 which are equipped with Shanghai Diesel VM engines on July 17, and the three Chaoyue vehicles, together with the C100 which was launched last year composed of their high end light trucks.



Chaoyue series light trucks mark that NAVECO is entering high end commercial vehicle markets and they are rather optimistic about the Chaoyue vehicles. The sales may take 10% or so in the future, said Yang Peiqiang, Director of Nanjing Iveco Yuejin Brand Department.

C100 is city light truck, C300 is intercity transport light truck and C500 is special vehicle for intercity transports. And the trucks will serve high end markets as well as logistics transports, public service and short and medium transport.


The three powers for the Chaoyue light trucks are SOFIM engines, engines which are jointly developed with Italy Fiat Power, and Shanghai Diesel VM engine will be equipped on the brand new vehicles.




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