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510 LOVOL Engines Delivered to Iran

Date:2014-09-23 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: With sirens, six trucks with 51o LOVOL engines drives to Tianjin port, and this is the second engine order secured by LOVOL Power this year, and they have 1010 engines delivered to Iran till August this year.

And the engines are mainly LOVOL 1000 series engines with 120 hp and the engine is made with European technology and the engines feature compact structure, strong power, good reliability, low noise, and this can make sure good matching property of the complete vehicles and the parts are from the best suppliers to ensure the quality of the vehicles. And LOVOL improves anti rust protection and packages and they have rational packages structures and they can also they can provide economic and safe solutions for the customers.

LOVOL Power gets the order based on their market analysis for Iranian markets. And the customers visit the customers and know about the market needs in time and they know about the product usage in local markets, and they will also give fast response to the customers for the quality and technical questions. And these efforts can improve LOVOL's reputations locally and promote sales in the markets.


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