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SAIC Released Production and Sales Report of September

Date:2014-10-28 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, SIAC group released production and sales report of September. On production, SIAC produced all kinds of vehicles 477,943 units, up by 9.10% year on year; on sales, the company sold vehicles 492,529 units, up by 8.29% year on year.
Also, SAIC IVECO Hongyan produced 1403 units of trucks and sold 1,726 units of trucks , down by 22.44% and up by 1.47% respectively year on year. And from Jan to Sep, Hongyan totally delivered 19,549 units of trucks, down by 0.81% year on year.

NAVECO produced 6,873 units and sold 6,553 units, down by 39.79% and 41.08% respectively year on year. In the nine months, NAVECO sold 75,745 units of vehicles, down by 25.22% year on year.

SAIC Commercial Vehicles Company produced 2,413 units and sold 2,248 units, up by 116.61% and 124.13% year on year. And the growth of first months is a whop 78.83%.


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