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China truck tire exports to grow steadily

Date:2014-10-29 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently,  it is reported that China tire imports and exports has a good performance.  On one hand, domestic automobile market have rich demands on car tires; on the other hand, the exportation of car tire and truck and bus tires maintain good growth.

On truck and bus tires, export volume and export amount will maintain a steady growth, but the quantity of imports and import amount is negative growth.

Export data from each month, the first half year of China car tire and truck and bus tire is different. Car tire exports in April grew 24%, Feb, Mar, May export growth is relatively small; and truck and bus export growth every month maintained a good situation, once to a high of 40.6% in April.

According to the analysis, from the first half year of  export volumes, American, British, Germany are the first three destination countries in China car tire export, and also, British and Germany took 12% shares of export volumes.

And the USA is the largest destination country that China truck and bus tires export to. The United Arab Emirates and Russia take NO.2 and NO.3 places, and the proportion of the total exports were 5% and 4%.


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