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Cooperation between XCMG and KAMAZ

Date:2015-01-29 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: XCMG cooperates with KAMAZ, the biggest truck manufacturer in Russia, in the field of special vehicles such as truck mounted cranes, forestry cranes, and hook arm for sanitation trucks.

As the biggest construction machinery manufacturer in China, XCMG now ranks fifth in the construction machinery industry of the whole world and third among top one hundred Chinese machinery manufacturers. Its truck mounted cranes have absolute predominance in the industry, occupying 55% domestic market.

KAMAZ Group, established in 1976, is the biggest truck manufacturer in Russian Federation, with 220 dealers and more than 50% market share in Russia. Its annual truck production is more than 100 thousand and these products are sold well in states of CIS, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

XCMG and KAMAZ are both leading enterprises in their respective industry and they are highly complementary in the field of special vehicles. Previously, XCMG has cooperated with KAMAZ on long-arm truck mounted cranes; they have already signed the agreement of bulk purchase, which is very effective. Considering the demands of Russian market, XCMG has already made improvement in the adaptability of truck mounted cranes, which strengthens the competitiveness of these products in Russian market and lays a solid foundation for entering Russian market of special vehicles in the next phase.

Besides truck mounted crane, XCMG and KAMAZ also cooperated with each other on forestry crane, hook arm for sanitation truck and crane truck with universal chassis, which is positive for the development of Russian market in the future and the improvement of product adaptability.


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