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Naveco Signs the Strategic Cooperative Agreement with An’neng Group

Date:2015-07-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Naveco signed the strategic cooperative agreement with Shanghai An’neng Group Supply Chain Management Corporation on Shanghai Expo Center on 28 June 2015. This giant combination of both parties are highly focused by the executives, Ma Changdong, marketing director of Naveco has been invited to attend An’neng Innovation Event, namely, the celebration of the fifth anniversary and the fourth national online convention where both parities signed the deepening strategic and cooperative agreement. Meanwhile, Naveco delivered the first special vehicles to An’neng Group.

Based on roadway express, An’neng Group experiences the rapid development in five years, walking ahead of the industry in China in the respects of network coverage, operation capability, market shares, information level and service quality by means of integration of traditional logistic expressway, part load freight transportation network, information platform. It has becomes the biggest part load freight transportation league platform in China.

IVECO logistics light trucks and vans delivered this time are the professional logistic models specially designed for the logistics market in China, confronting to the various actual requirements related to commuting, freight, environment protection when driving through the city centers. Taking Iveco vans as an example, this model performs superior not only in appearance design for integrated vans with short headstocks, but also good airtight property during transportation, which also greatly enhances the safety of drivers, passengers and cargo. In addition, a great number of special devices for light logistics are applied in vehicles to accord with the various multi-function light logistics.


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