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C&C CNG Dumpers Highlight Russia

Date:2015-07-22 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: C&C CNG dumpers exhibited in the 22nd Russian International Mining Technology and Equipment Exhibition and the dumpers are well received by the customers.


C&C CNG Dumpers Highlight Russia

The exhibition was held in Novokuznetsk, which is the biggest coal production region in Russia, and the local steel industry, electricity industry, mechanism manufacturing and nonferrous metallurgy are all rather developed, and it is also the biggest heavy industry base in east Russia. And the exhibition is the largest carving, exploring, underground mining and open air mining, transport devices and coaling show in Russia, and as many as 190 world famous manufacturers from 21 countries and regions joined the show.

And the C&C SQR3252N6T4 6*4 CNG dumper has secured Russia OTTC certificate and its wheelbase is 3825+1350mm and the cargo van is 5.6 meters high and Yuchai YC6MKN340 engine and the gearbox is 12JSD160T. And Russia is rich in natural gas resources, and we predict that the use of natural gas heavy trucks will be increasing in the following few years since the price of petrol is growing. And C&C sales manager said that the Russian customers have compared C&C CNG trucks and the current diesel engine trucks, and they find that each truck can save 50,000 usd per year on fuel consumption. And they have designed the trucks according to Russian low temperatures to make sure that the trucks safe and stable and run smoothly in Russia.


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