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The Overall Scale of Temperature Controlled Truck Market Will Reach 24 Billion RMB In 2020

Date:2015-12-03 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: There is great demand for temperature controlled delivery but the overall delivery rate is low. The overall circulation rate of temperature controlled delivery is only 19% and the overall temperature controlled delivery rate is 30%. Temperature controlled truck takes up small share of goods transportation vehicle market. But it has great development in the future. The overall scale of temperature controlled truck market will reach 24 billion RMB in 2020 if it rise by 5% comprehensively during 2015 and 2020.



The temperature controlled delivery-to-home service is prospering with vast development space in the future. It is estimated that temperature controlled delivery-to-home service, driven by the fast increasing of fresh seafood e-business and the share increasing of temperature controlled delivery-to-home service, will boom continuously. The fresh seafood e-business market will reach 100 billion RMB in 2018 if the capacity of current fresh seafood e-business market will increase by 50% every year. And the fresh seafood temperature controlled delivery-to-home market will reach 15 billion RMB if the cost of temperature controlled delivery-to-home service accounts for 15% of sales volume.

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