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C&C Trucks NG Heavy-duty Truck Enters Dali Prefecture

Date:2016-01-14 Source:www.chinatrucks.org

www.chinatrucks.org: Canglong Manjiang Natural Gas Station in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province completion and C&C Trucks Delivery Ceremony was held in Dali Economic Development Zone on January, 8, 2016. Many leaders in prefecture, city and district including the General Manager of United Power Liang Heping, deputy General Manager of C&C Trucks Sales Corporation Xu Zhaoyi, Dali Standing Committee and State Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang Hongjian, deputy governor of Dali People's Government Zhu Jianbin,Party Working Committee Secretary of Dali Economic Development Zone and CMC director Zhang Zhenxian, etc. attended the ceremony.

The program of “Canglong Manjiang Natural Gas Filling Station” was listed in the second batch of important programs in Dali Prefecture in the year of 2015 and started on June, 9, 2015. This program ended the history of without natural gas filling station in Dali Prefecture. Meanwhile, the 20 C&C Trucks NG heavy-duty truck procured by Canglong Logistics was the first batch of natural gas truck delivered to Dali Prefecture and filled the blank of without natural gas truck in Dali Prefecture. Those 20 C&C Trucks NG heavy-duty truck will play an important role in creating new life of environmental friendly transportation, improving the level of national excellent tourism cities, and promoting the social and economic development.

Dali Canglong Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern logistics enterprise integrated ordinary freight, huge objects transportation, goods storage, loading and carrying, building materials sales, materials distribution, information consultation, service of logistics parks and it has the largest scale and the biggest power one in Dali Prefecture. The 20 C&C Trucks NG heavy-duty truck cost 12 million RMB will put into highway transportation and lead the using of natural gas truck in logistics industry in Dali Prefecture. Another batch of 30 natural gas heavy-duty trucks will be procured to reduce the using of vintage fuel trucks gradually.


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