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All Series of Qingling New Trucks Greet the New Year in Taiyuan

Date:2016-03-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The atmosphere of Spring Festival is not fade, and the enthusiasm is arising again. The promotional conference of all series of Qingling ISUZU new products was held on February, 27, 2016. The dealer Juze Chenghao Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. and customers joined this conference and enjoyed the Spring Festival together. They provided the big gift for the new year.

Bai Wengang, the marketing director of Qingling Sales & Service Center in North China delivered the blessing of new year to truck users on the conference. He said, “It is still during the Spring Festival for the twelfth lunar month is not passed. On the behalf of Qingling Motors Co., Ltd. I hope that everyone can enjoy the new year. Qingling, the first vehicle enterprise jointly ventured by China and Japan, has been sticking to develop the commercial trucks of international standards since it was founded in 1985. It has accumulating customers over one million, and won great numbers of supporters as well as good reputation”.

Qingling achieved growth no matter in the market share or the interests under the gross downward situation in 2015. The growth of pickups is over 10% for its high quality. Li Yi, the manager of Qingling Motors in North China, introduced the advantages of all series of Qingling new products to customers. He said, “All series of Qingling new products are equipped with ISUZU electrical engine. They have great advantages in power, fuel saving performance and reliability. They can be set as the example of the technology and quality in the truck industry”. Customers got more direct familiarity of the advantages of Qingling new products. Truck users listened to the introduction carefully and they showed great interest and love to Qingling new trucks.

Shanxi Province was thrived for its rich coal and also troubled by coal. Shanxi, the big province which is rich in coal, faces big dilemma in the economic transitional period in the new formal of national economy. All industries are greatly affected in Shanxi Province. Of course, the vehicle sales industry is also influenced with great sales pressure. Jia Yucheng, the general manager of Juze Chenghao Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. was engaged in reception of continuously coming guests on the site. The working staffs showed their admiration to the sense of responsibility of Mr. Jia. They said, “The general manager Jia Yucheng was working on the first two days of the New Year and he was the first person who came to the office”. Mr. Bai also gave his high praise to Mr. Jia. He said, “Mr. Jia became the first-class dealer of Qingling Motors in Taiyuan City in April of last year. He made great achievements in the first year and was awarded as excellent dealer. He is the main force of which Qingling Motor entering Taiyuan market. He speaks with his actions and achievements. He is the real person who do things and the example which dealers should follow”. There is no low season in the market and there will be high season once you make efforts. The great efforts which Jia Yucheng has made will definitely be rewarded by the market.


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