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Liuqi Chenglong H7 with Weichai Engine Enters High-efficiency Logistics Delivery Market

Date:2016-03-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The demand of heavy-duty truck loaded with hundred of tonnage goods to engine was only those of 10 liter or 11 liter in the past. Heavy-duty truck has been upgrading towards truck modes with bigger displacement with logistics transportation becoming more professional, and standard loading and high speed becoming the mainstream. The application of 13-liter engine on heavy-duty truck has becoming the trend. Besides, there are mot so much trucks which are equipped with 13-liter engines in the market. Dongfeng Liuqi precisely grasped the development trend of customers’ demand and rolled out Chenglong H7 truck which is equipped with Weichai WP13 engine. Thus we can see that the competition of heavy-duty truck equipped with bid-power engine has becoming more and more fierce.

Cooperation between Two Big Enterprises Made Great Achievements
The core competitiveness of truck manufacturing is lie in the power assembly. The cooperation with Weichai plays an important role in its layout of brand new truck with big power. The reason that Dongfeng Liuqi favorites the mature engines on Weichai’s hi-tech platform is that it favors many advantages of Weichai WP13 engine. Those advantages including low fuel consumption, great power, high maturity, high reliability and durability, convenient maintenance, fuel saving and environmental friendly, etc..

More importantly, Chenglong H7 truck which is the masterpiece of Dongfeng Liuqi and Weichai and equipped with Weichai WP13 engine can better adjust to the multiple landforms and meet the personalized demand of customers in China. Because it has power supplying engine chain of “great power, small speed ratio and direct gear”, and a powerful engine.

Besides, Chenglong H7 truck have better performance in acceleration when starting with heavy loading and slope climbing for its high-end devices of 480 horsepower, FAST 12JSD220TA Aluminum alloy over-speed gearbox and Fangsheng FS160 rear axle with speed ratio of 2.867. The performance of Chenglong H7 truck in slope climbing is one-gear higher than the engines equipped on trucks of the other brands in China. The speed of Chenglong H7 can easily reach 80—90 km/h for its great power. The equipment of Weichai WEVB safety braking system on Weichai WP13 engine. This shortened the braking distance. The in-cylinder braking is more safe and the efficiency is higher.

Moreover, The biggest power of Weichai WP13 engine can reach 550 horsepower. This means that the biggest power of Chenglong H7 truck with Weichai WP13 engine will be 550 horsepower. Weichai WP13 engine not only has great power, but also has excellent performance in the reliability to which customers pay most attention. The longevity of Weichai WP13 B10 can reach over 1.2 million KM.

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