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The Sales Volume of Xichai Engines Increases by About 20% in 1st Qr.

Date:2016-04-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: All series of Xichai Engines win widespread popularity in markets including heavy-duty trucks, middle-duty trucks, light-duty trucks and non-road trucks, etc. recently.The data showed that, in the first quarter, the manufacturing volume of Xichai engines increased by 43.93% compared with that of last quarter and increased 6.59% compared with that of the same period of last year; the sales volume of Xichai engines increased by 38.33% compared with that of last quarter and increased by 19.07% compared with that of the same period of last year. The sales volume of Xichai Aowei long-distance oil-changing engine of 338 KW broke through 6,700 which hit the historical record of manufacturing and sales volume of this engine mode in March, 2016. Besides,  Xichai’s main operation target including the revenue of its main business and interests,etc. increased greatly compared with that of the same period of last year and ranks in the first place in the industry in China in the first quarter.

Great Amounts of 11-liter Aowei Engine Sold

“Only the sales volume of Xichai Aowei 11-liter engine broke through 16,000 in the fist quarter”. It is said that, the perfect combination between Xichai Aowei 11-liter engine which has many advantages including great power, fuel saving, high reliability, high comfort, high safety, etc. and brand new Jiefang heavy-duty trucks including Jiefang J6B Navigator, J6P, JH, J6M, etc. wins great favor from customers. The orders of Xichai Aowei engines in many provinces including Jinji, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Liaonin and Hebei, etc. Broke through 10,000 at the very beginning of this year during January and March. The orders of Aowei engines in the other areas also increased greatly compared with that of last year, which lay a solid foundation for Jiefang to get the monthly sales champion consecutively.

J6 China V Navigator which is introduced on the Shanghai China V Tractor Promotional Conference which was held on March, 18th ,2016 is equipped with 11-liter China V Aowei engine which guarantees ample gas supply and complete fuel pulverization, and realized the great power and fuel saving of engine for its the most advanced 24VDOHC valve timing mechanism and exclusive FCCT combustion controlling system in the world. The conference has a perfect ending with sales volume of 73.

The sales volume of Jiefang Navigator ( port tractor ) which is equipped with 11-liter Xichai Aowei engine and was introduced on the promotional conference which was held in March, 2016 in Xiamen reached 212 on that day. Besides, 73 11-liter China V Aowei engines were ordered on the Jiefang J6P Navigator Promotional Conference in Chengdu.

Jiefang J6 Navigator which is equipped with 11-liter Xichai Aowei engine wins the recognition of market and reliability of customers, and provides a high-speed high-efficiency “Machine of Making Money” for logistics delivery truck users in main transportation lines after its on-sale in market in three cities on March 7th in last year for its advantages, especially the 0.1 million KM oil changing world-level warranty standard of 11-liter Xichai Aowei engine.

Xichai “Environmental Friendly Engine” Wins Great Fame
“We bought Jiefang J6M truck for the high-end quality and excellent fuel saving performance of 9-liter Xichai Aowei engine”. The promotional conference of Jiefang J6M which is equipped with 9-liter Xichai Aowei engine was held in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province in the end of February. Customers in the conference had high enthusiasm to order Jiefang J6M trucks. So the sales volume reached 260 in short time during the activity. The sales volume out of the activity is 420. So the total sales volume is 680.

Jiefang J6M 6x2 tractor is praised as “The King of Saving Fuel” by customers for it is equipped with fuel-saving 9-liter Xichai CA6DL engine and got through tests. The promotional conference of FAW Jiefang JH6 tractor which is equipped with Xichai Aowei engine was held in Hefei City, Anhui Province which is famous for “The Offshore of Chaohu Lake” on February, 28th, 2016. And new great achievements was made since 284 trucks were ordered.

“11-liter Aowei engine can make Jiefang J6P tractor is safer and move fuel-saving during its driving especially downwards on slope with heavy loading for its engine braking. The total sales volume reached 201 when the promotional conference of J6P 6X4 big-horsepower tractor used in cold areas and equipped with 11-liter Xichai Aowei engine was held in Changchun City, Jilin Province on February, 28th, 2016. The total sales volume of Jiefang J6M van truck ordered both in and out of the conference reached 284 when the promotional conference of Jiefang J6M van truck equipped with 11-liter Xichai Aowei engine was held in Henan Province on the same day.

The Prospect of Non-road Markets Gets Better and Better
Xichai non-road market also represented “Blossoms in Multiple Places” and the sales volume is increasingly growing except the greatly increasing of engines equipped on trucks which is the main business of Xichai since 2016.

The sales volume of non-road engines broke through 20,000 quickly during January and March in 2016. Among which the matching manufacturers of Ⅲ-stage engines used on agriculture-used tractor exceeds 16 and the sales volume broke through 5,500. Great amounts of small-module engines were sole for its great popularity. Xichai engines became the important one that small-module manufacturers used and the sales volume reached over 10,000 in the first quarter. The matching of Xichai engine and agricultural reaping machine represents upward trend. Xichai completed the developing of non-road Ⅲ-stage engines by cooperating with mainstream manufacturers including Xinjiang New Researching Co., Ltd., etc. for its high quality and becomes the new “Engine” in the market of agricultural machines. Xinjiang New Researching Co., Ltd. ordered 130 Xichai non-road Ⅲ-stage engines in January. And the brand cooperation also gets better and better by co-working with manufacturers for many years in forklift trucks.


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