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NAVECO Boosts SF to Make Medicine Cold Chain Logistics Network

Date:2016-04-15 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On April 13, 2016, SF-EXPRESS and NAVECO signed special cooperation agreement in Beijing. Leaders of both companies attended the signing ceremony and delivered the speeches. They highly affirmed the cooperation of more than ten years, and expressed the intention to continue to strengthen mutual cooperation in depth.

According to understanding, in the manufacture field of refrigerator, NAVECO has many years of accumulated experience. IVECO refrigerated truck is employed IVECO original refrigerator double compressor special chassis which can guarantee the reliable installation of the refrigeration system. Vehicle cab air conditioning and air cooling machine can work at the same time, and will not affect each other. IVECO unique Non load-bearing beam structure ensures the vehicle has good bearing that is wider and higher than the same kind refrigerators. Insulation can can load more cargo with the bulk of 14.7 cubic meters. In the manufacturing process of the product, NAVECO establishes a complete lightweight technology platform to achieve a vehicle weight loss of more than 60kg. On power, NAVECO refrigerator assembled Fiat power chain, so that the vehicle can maintain high efficiency as well as has a good pass. Maximum climb slope of IVECO refrigerated truck is ≥30%, ground clearance is 222mm and turning diameter is 10.7m. All these configurations make IVECO refrigerated truck shuttle in a densely populated city like Beijing in 24h, So as to improve the transportation efficiency.

It is understood that since 2004 in cooperation with the hand so far, NAVECO has provided more than 7000 IVECO light logistics distribution vehicles for SF EXPRESS. In the future with the development of intelligent control technology of the Internet and sensors, NAVECO and SF EXPRESS will also work more closely to promote the overall improvement of the efficiency of the C2B model and further boost the field of refrigerated vehicles industry optimization and upgrading to lead Chinese medicine cold chain logistics network towards a more secure, efficient and intelligent direction.


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