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XICHAI AOWEI Won Big Orders in the First Quarter

Date:2016-05-05 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The first quarter of this year, the sales of FAW Wuxi diesel engine factory 11L AOWEI of 11 only in the Shandong area exceeded 3000 units. The enterprise achieved the results with accurate market positioning, strong marketing network, excellent product quality.

The reporter understands, Xichai Aowei engine as the heart of JIEFANG heavy truck, fully meet the user's demand for trucks with the general ability composite high-speed, level road and mountain road. Especially Xichai Aowei engine has the world's most advanced four valve set cam shaft structure and the unique FCCT combustion control technology to ensure adequate supply, sufficient fuel atomization.

Relevant person in charge introduced that JIEFANG truck jh6 used the Xichai Aowei electronic fuel injection technology, after the engine ECU intelligent control, the fuel combustion is more fully. Under the premise of satisfying the national emission regulations, the urea consumption decreases to a minimum, and just fuel-efficient and urea costs per year can save several million, which brings real benefits to users. To this end, after repeated research, Dongying DAYANG purchased 100 units of JIEFANG JH6 with Xichai AOWEI engine.


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