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5,239 JAC Heavy Trucks all Delivered to Venezuela

Date:2016-05-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Early morning of May 10th, 420 JAC heavy trucks were delivered to Venezuela. So that, JAC 5,239 heavy trucks to Venezuela have been all delivered that bring a successful close.

In 2014, JAC signed purchase contract with Venezuela Land transport department and CORPOVEX S.A, the total amount of the contract is about 274 million dollar. In November of the same year, including tractors, dump trucks and water tankers, 200 sets of JAC heavy truck in Shanghai port were ready for shipment. This marks that JAC international strategic promotion achieve a new breakthrough in export size and speed.

It is understood that the 5,239 JAC heavy trucks are divided into 8 batches, 11 vehicles delivered involved in semi-trailer trucks and other special vehicles. This is mainly used to improve and enhance the transport capacity of Venezuela"s domestic market, and bring more convenient and efficient way of life for Venezuela people.

Due to the hot weather in the region of Venezuela, the mountain road conditions are more complex and poor. These road conditions need high requirements of the vehicle's corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. 

South American market is the target area of JAC international market. Since entering the Venezuelan market in 2006, JAC with a wealth of product mix and reliable product quality has gradually won the praise and recognition of local customers. 

It is understood, JAC in 2012 in Venezuela formally built KD factory that has pickup, light truck, heavy truck and various commercial vehicle assembly capacity. JAC international strategy is changing from vehicle export to foreign assembly, and then to the joint venture factory export mode.


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