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ISUZU TF185 Launched in Yunnan Province

Date:2016-05-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: In 2016, the brand new ISUZU pickup TF185 launched in Yunnan province. ISUZU TF185 declared its coming with five new features: the new appearance, new color, new interior, new configuration, and new container. Obviously, this new pickup represents ISUZU the latest pickup manufacturing technology and design concepts and also represents the next development trend of pickup products.


It is worth mentioning that the power configuration of this pickup, it can be equipped with Isuzu three power -- 3.0L displacement 4K diesel engine, 2.8L displacement 4J diesel engine and 2.6L displacement 4Z gasoline engine which provide more choices for customers has different demands. In addition, the pickup is redesigned container volume, the bigger cargo can meet more loading needs of users.


The length, width and height of TF185 container are 1840mm * 1470mm * 470mm, beyond that of the mainstream pickup products on the market. Obviously, the longer container gives more flexibility to loading. The main performance is that the pickup can transport longer goods and more goods to improve transport efficiency, which directly leads to the maximization of the value of users’ transportation.


The launch of ISUZU TF185 has a more important significance for ISUZU and the customers. No matter it is the leader or the complication, its launch hit the pickup market again.


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