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CIMC Boost One Belt and One Road

Date:2016-11-10 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The further promotion of “One Belt and One Road” strategy injects new vitality to the economic development of the countries along The Belt and Road. Especially Silk Road Economic Belt East is connected with Asia Pacific Economic Circle, and the West is connected with European economic circle, covering Asia, Europe and Africa three continents. Along the line involves 53 countries with a total population of about 4.4 billion and the total economic output of $21 trillion, the market size and potential are unique.


CIMC Boost One Belt and One Road

CIMC and SHACMAN have keen market awareness and geographical advantages. They advanced the layout of the Central Asian market aiming at the urgent need for a large number of infrastructure facilities in Central Asia however lact of the manufacture industry. They have achieved good results for the few years of hard work, SHACMAN heavy truck and CIMI tanker have already became a local star product.

The water tank is tailored for large sites lack of water in Central Asia. According to the special climate and special requirements of the user's location, a new product plan is made by CIMC. Pipes, pumps, valves and other accessories are also designed in accordance with the special standards, production and installation. Since customers choose the company, they will combine with the host manufacturers and provide quality products to users with professional design standards and first-class manufacturing process.

Now, 25 water tank trucks are ready to ship to overseas. Wish they contribute to the smooth progress of the project.


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