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CAMC 8X2 Chassis Minimum Weight Reaches 8.7 Tons

Date:2016-11-30 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, I learned that under the background of the implementation of the new rule for governance overload, CAMC took the opportunity to launch a new generation of 8X2 cargo truck. The truck is reported to be equipped with Hanma H6 high roof cab, and the wheelbase is 1850 + 4450 + 1350 mm. In terms of power, CM6D18.310 50 and YC6A270-50 are available for your option, 6-ton front axle, HL460 rear axle ratio of 4.1, in accordance with the National V emission standard.


CAMC 8X2 Chassis Minimum Weight Reach 8.7 Tons

The 8X2 cargo trucks and what we call the four front-axle and eight rear-axle trucks (8X4) both belong to the four-axle trucks, but the former has the advantage of lighter weight, of which the third axle is the airbag steerable servo axle. The truck designers also adopt 12-inch vacuum tires and take off the balance shaft, traction bar and other components to reduce the weight. According to the official introduction, the minimum weight of truck chassis can reach to 8.7 tons, thus ensuring loading more goods. And on top of it, 8X2 is cheaper than 8X4.


CAMC 8X2 Chassis Minimum Weight Reach 8.7 Tons

However, if in accordance with the latest road overloading requirements, besides the driving axle, the two-axle group will reduce 3 tons of the total quality by every two tires taken off. One axle of the rear two-axle group on the CAMC cargo truck is a single tire, thus the total weight is lighter than 8X4 truck. But the specific number is still subject to the notice.


CAMC 8X2 Chassis Minimum Weight Reach 8.7 Tons


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