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SINOTRUK Auto Crane Won Overseas Orders of 20 Units

Date:2016-12-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, equipped with SINOTRUK T7H-10×4 chassis and co-developed by Shaoguan Crane Factory, the SQ6600ZB6 automobile crane passed the verification of MITT smoothly and won domestic and overseas orders of nearly 20 units since its debut. 


SINOTRUK Auto Crane Won Overseas Orders of 20 Units

The maximum lifting quality of the crane can reach 160 tons, which is one of the five-axle automobile cranes with the greatest tonnage, the performance of the crane has already advanced to levels in domestic and overseas with superior lifting advantage.

The SQ6600ZB6 automobile crane uses T7H-10×4 special chassis of SINOTRUK MAN technique, having good traffic ability and motility, cheaper operation cost and maintenance cost. Moreover, the reliability and stability of Germany Man engine make the crane mostly perfect in the aspects of operation efficiency, ride comfort and micro control.

As one of the world-class heavy weight five-axle automobile cranes, the SQ6600ZB6 lifting capacity is outstanding, the lifting quality can reach 160 tons within the work range of 4 meters, and even when the work range is up to 5 meters, the crane still has lifting quality of 130 tons. So far as to the maximum work range of 15 meters, the boom still has lifting quality of 30 tons.

The crane can be widely used for lifting and moving large equipment, moving factory and hoisting large construction engineering, which has been widely concerned since it launched.

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