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Dayun New N8E6×2 Cargo Truck Coming Soon

Date:2017-01-06 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Safe and reliable: Dayun heavy truck N8E6 × 2 cab uses a nest-style rigid skeleton structure, when the truck is hit, the force can be quickly broken down into the truck body, which can provide users with the largest living space in an accident.

Dayun New N8E6×2 Cargo Truck Coming Soon
A Cab with high strength steel plate has high toughness and high strength, the steel thickness is 0.8 ~ 2mm, 20% thicker than fellow products. Cab welding process uses ABB automatic welding robot, the distance of welding point is well-distributed, eliminating the stress of manual welding, high strength and safety meet international standards.
Four-point suspension system: cab uses four-point suspension system, when the collision occurs, the system can make the cab overall move 15-20 cm, play a buffer shock-absorbing effect to ensure the high security.
Fuel-saving: the latest streamlined design technology; smooth body lines are forging an international style. Smooth shape design not only makes smaller noise in the process, but also reduces the drag coefficient to make fuel more economic.
Engine: Use Weichai WP6.245E40 engine, the max power is 245 horsepower and the max torque is 900N • m (1400-1600rpm), the engine is durable while its displacement and torque are all higher than its competing products. In the same configuration and road condition, H7 Weichai power reduce 11% shift frequency than the competing products, and climbing shift is higher than the others, which can reduce fuel consumption and improve driving comfort. The torque reserve is fuller, overtaking is easier and transportation is more efficient.

Dayun New N8E6×2 Cargo Truck Coming Soon
Lightweight design: the front axle changes from 5.5 tons to 4.5 tons, as the premise of ensuring the carrying capacity, greatly reducing the weight of the axle. The suspension is changed from the multi-leaf spring to the front three-leaf spring with the thickness of 22mm and the rigidity of 320N / mm; the rear leaf springs are 4 + 3, the thickness is 25 + 20mm, the stiffness is 520 + 475N / mm. Front suspension with a three-parabolic spring lower the self-weight and gravity to ensure the high-speed driving more stable! The using 500L aluminum alloy fuel tank is upgraded on the basis of the original.
The frame material is an 8mm single layer; partly enhanced design has achieved an effective weight reduction. H7 uses high-strength composite frame (steel label is L610, light weight, strong carrying capacity) and 865mm straight beam frame, and the wider frame has better stability.


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