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Dayun Launching CNG Truck with 750/995L Large Volume Cylinder

Date:2017-01-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Nowadays, natural gas is widely used as clean energy in terms of industrial production and daily life, natural gas is everywhere, and the same in trucks. Today, on the transport routes across the country, from time to time we will see CNG heavy trucks passing quickly. Recently, Dayun launched the CNG tractor with 750/995L large capacity single cylinder to meet users’ requirement. The CNG tractor has great competitive advantages; we will introduce them to you in detail.

Dayun Launched CNG Truck with 750/995L Large Volume Cylinder

Light Weight
Item 500L×2 cylinders 750L big cylinder 995L big cylinder
Weight (kg) 1040 755 790

Simple structure to reduce the center of gravity
In the early stage, industry CNG tractor has mainly matched with cylinder of double tanks arranged up and down, the complex pipe connection makes the operation very complicated, and the larger size results in a high center of gravity, reducing the driving stability.
In accordance with the market demand, Dayun has finally developed the tractor that can equipped with 750/995L large capacity gas cylinders with unremitting effort. The gas cylinder with single tank has simple pipe connection to operate easily, and the tank has smaller volume to reduce the centre of gravity, thus will make the truck run more smoothly and improve the ride comfort.
Dayun Launched CNG Truck with 750/995L Large Volume Cylinder
Reduce the valve, high cost performance
Dayun nature gas trailer has fewer valves than before, which is convenient for users to maintenance, and the pipes all use stainless steel tube to avoid the repair cost caused by metal hose damage. Dayun considerate everything for customers, and saves every penny for them.
Compress the cost, lower the price
Dayun choose domestic first-class gas cylinders manufacturer, FURUI as the gas cylinder supplier, its advanced producing technology ensure the normal use performance as well as reduce the cost through the optimized design of the components, and all these changes make the sales price lower and further improve the market competitiveness of products. 
In Dayuners’ heart, they have always created the most quality products for customers with the most sensitive perspective, the most intimate care and the broadest wisdom. The launched trailer with large volume single cylinder will be the best choice for you to collect fortune and dominate the whole country.

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