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10 Beiben V3ET Trailers Delivered to Customers

Date:2017-01-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On January 16, Beiben and Tianjin Keerzheng Auto Trading Co., Ltd. held Beiben V3ET high efficiency version trailer promotion conference and delivery ceremony.

 10 Beiben V3ET Trailers Delivered to Customers
In the ceremony, 10 Beiben V3ET trailers with golden armor delivered to Hebei Zhongtai Transport Co., Ltd. were powerful and vigor, showing a tuck with Majestic demeanor.
At the beginning of the promotion conference, Beiben Marketing Company vice general manager Zhang Baosheng shared company culture, development process and many honors with the guests, and made profound explanation of Beiben V3ET trailer advantages. As a strategic product of Beiben, V3ET high efficiency trailer integrated the world's most advanced design concepts. In the strict military testing field, V3ET passed the test of the longest mileage enhanced routing verification, B10 reached 1.5 million km. V3ET with its fuel economy, reliability, comfort, intelligence, safety and service ensures your truck operating with high efficiency, which is a high-performance truck. V3ET IV system can monitor the vehicle status in real-time, ensure the safety of the transport process with the implementation of the transparent management of dangerous goods transport.  Lightweight chassis optimization design also allows the transport of dangerous goods has more advantage in than other competitive products. As for the hazardous chemicals industry which focused on safety, V3ET is unmatchable in safety. The usual product style Beiben shows is that putting the life safety in the first place. At the same time, Weichai leaders made an introduction to the performance of the matching new engine in details.  
 10 Beiben V3ET Trailers Delivered to Customers

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