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2017 Manufacturers Annual Meeting Large-powered Tractors Inventory

Date:2017-01-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The rapid development of logistics paid more attention on high efficiency, this is also the advantage of large-powered tractor. 500hp tractor can save 20% more time than 400hp ones when they transport the same 49T goods. In addition, 500hp can keep the most economic rotation rate in high-way transportation with its larger reserve torque, as well as reducing the fuel consumption. Thus, large-powered tractor still has comparative advantages in high-efficiency transport segment market.

FAW Jiefang J6P 500hp Tractor
In the annual meeting, FAW Jiefang showed a J6P tractor of 500hp. The tractor is equipped with new CA6DM3 13L engine, the max torque is 2300N.m and the max output is 550hp. Compared to 11L engine, low speed torque of new CA6DM3 13L engine delivers better output performance, which can provide better power. While the engine uses top camshaft design, can make intake and exhaust control more accurate.
2017 Manufacturers Annual Meeting Large-powered Tractors Inventory
J6P tractor uses 12TAX230M transmission to match with the 13L engine. The 12-shift transmission is designed as 6X2 main and auxiliary box and double inter-axles, the gear oil maintenance cycle span can reach 100 thousand km.
On drive axle, J6P uses Jiefang most maturing 457 rear axles. The rear axle also introduces the extremely long oil cycle technology, the gear oil maintenance cycle can reach 100 thousand km, reducing the number of tractor maintenance and improving efficiency in operation. In order to meet the requirements of modern logistics, as J6 pilot version, J6P front and rear axles all use ConMet lubrication wheel whose maintenance cycle can reach 500 thousand km. 
Dongfeng Tianlong Sail Edition Mainly Promote Large Torque
Dongfeng CV mainly promotes large torque but not large power. The biggest change of Dongfeng Tianlong T45L is the power chain. The new T45L is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ450 41 engine, the displacement is 12.972L, the output is 450hp and the max torque is 2330N.m.
2017 Manufacturers Annual Meeting Large-powered Tractors Inventory
The strength doesn’t lie in the 450hp, but the output of slow speed large torque. When the speed rotation is in the range from 1000 to 1300, the max torque is 2300N.m. Only in the speed rotation of 900, the engine can reach 80% of the max torque. Under such an adjustment, the vehicle can have a strong power output in the beginning, but also can reduce the frequency of downshift when climbing.
Except the engine, other sub-assembly also upgraded. Dongfeng Tianlong Sail Edition uses FAST 12JSD240TA transmission, the speed ratio of the first gearshift is 12.1, and the top shift is overtaking. The transmission uses long center distance design, has higher reliability. The tractor rear axle is equipped with Dongfeng DANA 485 driving axle, strong load and convenient maintenance. Speed ratio has an option of 3.64, 3.42 and 4.11.
SINOTRUK HOWO-T7H 540 hp Tractor
On the 2017 business conference, SINOTRUK showed HOWO T7H tractor with MAN 540hp engine. The output power of the equipped MC13.54-50 engine is 540hp, its max torque can reach 2500Nm and meet National V emission standard. Furthermore, the engine features a cold start and an electric heating function, in the cold North, this function is also very useful.  
2017 Manufacturers Annual Meeting Large-powered Tractors Inventory
The AMT large torque and overtaking shift, rear axle of small speed ratio 3.36 and MAN engine has formed the golden power chain. In addition, the truck is also equipped with hydraulic retarder, even in complex road in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan Province, customers also don't have to worry about frequent brake problems.
JAC GALLOP K7 540hp Tractor
On large-powered heavy truck, JAC GALLOP launched K7 tractor. The power chain uses MAN MC13-540hp engine, the max torque can reach 2500N•m, matching with ZF 16 shift transmission and MERITO small speed ratio rear axle. At the same time, GALLOP K7 also used airbag cab and seat, ZF retarder, parking heating system and other configuration.
2017 Manufacturers Annual Meeting Large-powered Tractors Inventory
It is worth mentioning that the gold chain power of GALLOP K7 makes the tractor in high speed can reach 95km/h when the engine runs at 1200r/min, ensuring the rich power. In addition, GALLOP K7 cab uses the advanced design of wind drag reduction, the vehicle drag coefficient is only 0.532, can effectively reduce the fuel consumption.
Beiben V3ET 530hp High-efficient Tractor
In Beiben 2017 annual meeting, V3ET high efficient tractor was showed. V3ET uses new power chain: Weichai 13L national V engine of 530hp, ZF 16 shift manual transmission and Beiben small speed ratio single reduction axle can provide a good guarantee for efficient logistics. 
2017 Manufacturers Annual Meeting Large-powered Tractors Inventory
In terms of design details, many parts for the Beiben tractor use aluminum alloy materials, such as rims, fuel tanks, gas tanks and so on in order to achieve a weight reduction in vehicle. While in active safety and passive safety, Beiben V3ET has WABCO brake control system, the standard configuration of ABS+ASR, the brake pipeline system of VOSS structure, and optional configuration of EBS, exhaust brake and retarder. 
CHMC TRAGO 480hp Tractor
The only thing can tell apart TRAGO 480 from the other TRAGO models is the logo “480”. The tractor is equipped with 12.7L Powertec engine, the max torque is 2350N•m and the max power is 480hp, the emission standard reach national V. The matching transmission is HYUNDAI-DYMOS 12 shift.
2017 Manufacturers Annual Meeting Large-powered Tractors Inventory
The show tractor uses the world's leading engine pump nozzle with the max horse power of 520Ps, which enable TRAGO have more fuel-saving than all competing products at the same level. The TRAGO series products come standard with WABCO gas disc brake and continental airbag to enhance the efficiency and security of the vehicle and also adjust the height of 190mm at the same time. It’s convenient for hanging trailer, improving vehicle trafficability and suitable for precision instrument transportation.
In addition, with the implementation of GB1589 regulations, overloading has become increasingly difficult, the only thing they can do is to run fast when the tractor can’t load more goods. Large-powered heavy truck with equal loading can be more efficient, more fuel-efficient. So for the high-way long-distance transportation users, large horsepower heavy truck will be their preferred models. From the side, in 2017 large-powered fire is likely to be roaring again with the wind of high-efficient transport.


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