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JMC Kaiyun with Air Brake Coming Soon

Date:2017-02-14 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: With the development of modern logistics industry, especially the ever-changing the e-commerce, the requirement for logistics vehicles also continue to increase, high efficiency has become the main development trend of medium and high end light truck. In 2016, national light truck upgraded again, JMC Kaiyun provided new power for the high-efficiency logistics. In 2017, JMC Kaiyun Air brake version will be launched to escort for logistics transportation in full aspects.

 JMC Kaiyun Air Brake Coming Soon
Let see the four outstanding advantages of Kaiyun Upgrade
The first: Reliability improvement in air brake  
Now, customers choose truck with concern not only about the price but also gave a full consideration. The traffic safety has been ranked as a more and more important consideration for customers.
Equipped with special designed air brake, the brake performance of Kaiyun advanced version has been improved greatly. The upgrade part can ensure a safe and reliable driving at full load condition,
The second: fuel-efficient, durable, high efficiency and powerful
The long time operation is a big trail for the engine. At the same time, fuel-efficient engine can also save a lot of transportation costs. 
Kaiyun was equipped with 4JB1 classical power, meeting the national V emission standard. No big problem occurred after operating for 300 thousand km, fuel consumption per 100 km is 8L that will bring more profit for customers and save a lot of time.
 JMC Kaiyun Air Brake Coming Soon
The third: wide body has high price
The outstanding feature of wide-body light truck is the cargo with large volume, the wider cargo volume will provide more profit for you. Wider cargo can load more goods such as fruits, seafood and other transportation,
Kaiyun can load three people; the standard width of container is 1940mm/2050mm, which can meet different customers’ requirements. The implementation of standardization and high efficiency make load easier and price performance higher.
The fourth: rich configuration is more versatile
For wide-body light truck, the configuration of full aspect can make logistics transportation smooth. Kaiyun advanced version feature with rich configurations, new added a lot of equipment such as ABS, CCS, clutch vacuum booster, electronic window, multi-functional steering wheel, GPS and reversing image. All these create better driving condition for the truck owner. With the rapid improvement in city logistics, safety, comfort, fashion and other things featured with a car has drawn the concern from the truck customers in the new epoch.

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